Supportive Care Products

Improving the recovery and quality of life for cancer treatment patients

Midatech is a supportive care specialty pharmaceutical company with a portfolio of unique and synergistic oncology products

Commercial Portfolio

Gelclair® | Oravig® | Soltamox® | Ferralet® 90 | Aquoral®

Uniquely and effectively leveraging a portfolio of oncology/supportive care products for multi-product usage in a single patient.

Focused on Sales & Marketing of Our Licensed Supportive Care Products

Targeting Hospitals and Oncology Centers

Midatech Pharma US

Midatech Pharma US, formerly DARA BioSciences, Inc., is an oncology supportive care pharmaceutical company dedicated to providing healthcare professionals a synergistic portfolio of medicines to help cancer patients adhere to their therapy and manage side effects arising from their cancer treatments.

As of December 2015, Midatech Pharma US is the U.S. arm of Midatech Pharma PLC.

Supportive Care Focus

DARA is identifying and commercializing speciality products to help cancer patients feel better and recover more quickly.

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